Saturday, March 1, 2008

More Flickr Fun

I'm working on the 23 Things training program, and I'm delighted to see that the next two items focus on Flickr, the photo sharing site I've previously extolled on my Information Goddess blog.

Flickr has inspired a plethora of tools and mashups -- ways to use its open programming to concoct unique ways to incorporate Flickr images and data.

One of my favorite tool sites is FD's Flickr Toys, which offers quite a variety of photo manipulation tools.

Need a motivational poster? A magazine cover or movie poster? How about a a trading card or a personalized name badge? Would you like to Warholize a photo so it appears multiple times in an assortment of colors? Howzabout making a jigsaw puzzle or a photo album you can tote in your back pocket? You can do all these things and more with your own or others' photos. Remember that you can easily locate Creative Commons-licensed photos using Flickr's Advanced Search.