Friday, March 14, 2008

Say Blogosphere Seven Times Quickly

#14 in SPLS's list of 23 things in the Learning 2.0 training focuses on Technorati, which is a search engine devoted to delivering results from the blogosphere. (Does anyone else out there feel the need for an antacid when you read this word?)

I ran the recommended search for "Library 2.0" using the advanced search option. As a keyword phrase search, I retrieved 2,679 results with tabs for posts, blogs, photos, and videos -- most of which looked B-O-R-I-N-G except for this one. Why are librarians so incessantly sincere?

I ran a tag search for Library 2.0 and found 806 posts with that tag. Hey, the videos on this search were more promising! Although too long, this one made me laugh. And you've got to appreciate Prelinger Archive's Your Life Work: The Librarian.

Technorati offers RSS feeds for your searches, but you can't limit the feeds by format.

Technorati offers a service that allows you to claim your blog and have it gain admittance to the blogosphere. It sounds a bit like a blog's birth certificate! Two options for doing this are offered. One involves providing Technorati with your blog's login, and the other gives you a bit of code to insert in a posting. After Technorati's spiders detect it, you're in.

Why take the superhighway on this mission? The idea of spiders tippy toeing through my humble Information Goddess blog has captured my imagination! I've inserted the code in a posting.

Let's see how speedy those spiders are! (Update: Read about the galloping Technorati spiders here.)

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