Sunday, March 23, 2008

Google Docs

I explored Google Docs for #18 in the SPLS 23 Things/Learning 2.0 training. I've used Google Docs for a while now. I appreciate the simple interface and the fact that I can access a document from any computer that has web access.

The following is a document I created in Google Docs and posted to this blog.

More Vacation Snaps

Also on Galiano Island, we spotted these colorful star fish in the water along a dock.

This black slug was heading in the opposite direction on the Pebble Beach trail on Galiano Island.

There were quite a few farm stands scattered around the Gulf Islands. This one, on Salt Spring Island, had delicious cookies for sale and was operated on the honor system. After a while, however, a black dog came trotting down the drive to inspect us.

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