Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

There was a moderate 5.6 earthquake just outside of San Jose about 90 minutes ago. Internet Librarian is held in Monterey, which is about 55 miles away from the epicenter. When the earthquake occurred, I was sitting in a large meeting room in the convention center. We didn't really notice any shaking, but a little later one of the conference organizers announced the earthquake had knocked out the Internet network.

The woman sitting next to me looked behind her and said to the person sitting there, "Oh, I thought you were kicking the back of my chair!"

Another woman who lives in Palo Alto received a call from her husband, who said he had been concerned enough to go stand in a doorway. Another person reported a Significant Other on her home front had noticed the ceiling fan moving around.

I had been futilely trying to log into Southwest Airline's site to snag my boarding pass. My plan was to print it in the hotel's Business Center after the session ended. For the first time during the past two days, I actually reached the point where my computer could detect the wireless network. Joy of joys, I managed to log in! But then the connection stalled.

After the session ended, I returned to the hotel and a wired connection and was able to print the boarding pass.

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