Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Reference 2.0 Keynote -- You've Got to Listen to This!

If I was one of my students, here's how I'd describe Joe Jane's keynote this morning: "OMG! The dude was so awesome. LOL!!!"

Yes, I tapped away on my computer and took notes. But this is one presentation you need to listen to, especially if you're a public services librarian. Or a library administrator. Or a person who's been a librarian for a long time. Or a person who is a brand-new librarian. Or if you wonder about the future of reference service. Or, hope against hope, if you're someone who can help increase budgets for libraries.

Joe Janes sees the future -- and the past -- and shows us the way. No worries about this being another panicked "You Are a Neanderthal" put-down, folks. His message is positive and affirming, and you'll laugh as you listen to it. Trust me.

(Note: Pod-o-matic still is not sitting up and taking nourishment. The beauty of using Web 2.0 tools is that there usually is another one or two or a hundred that will do the trick. Listen to the keynote podcast on Blip.tv.)


Photo credit: Jenny Levine, http://www.flickr.com/photos/shifted/91457978

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